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Do you love cyclism? Do you like to challenge your friends?
Do you think you can foresee who's the stage winner of the day?
This is your place.
BIKOO is a browser game with very simple rules and totally free.
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how to play?

...ok, it seems fine but how to play bikoo?
Don''t worry, the game is very simple but exciting!

The annual season is divided into manches simultaneously with the most important cyclism races (ie. Classic Races, the Giro d''Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta Espana, etc...).

But what are the rules for playing bikoo?

This game is based on extreme simplicity: to play you will just point the names of three riders for each day.

End. The rest is just details!

Register now, contact your friends and prepare yourself for a great season with bikoo!
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